Wikipedia’s Standards of Content Writing and Editing

When it comes to the equality of work uploaded on its page, Wikipedia has taken measures to ensure that a high level of ethics is maintained. The company works hand in hand with, an online content developer. The company is exclusively a Wikipedia’s quality control partner. ensures that all materials uploaded on Wikipedia are of high quality and the right standard in accordance to Wikipedia’s terms and conditions. Wikipedia service being an open source website where anyone can post their content, it was imperative to have a filtering process where content will be scrutinized before they are put up on the website. is the company responsible for this.

Wikipedia is one of the most popular website in the world and it has attracted the attention of many due to the wealth of information therein. The company operates under very stringent conditions which its user have had to adhere to no matter what. One of the greatest and the most basic requirement is authenticity. Wikipedia does not allow copy pasted materials or stolen information from other authors. This amounts to plagiarism which is a serious violation of copyrights and this can lead to the closure or deactivation of one’s account.

Editing information of writing up content on the website is very easy. However, this function is not open to everyone. For you to access this function of the Wikipedia’s page you need to meet certain requirements and the most basic is to be a registered member of the company’s writing team. When you are a registered member, you access full functions of the websites page and you are able to edit or write new content. However, you need to be very original and creative in order to catch the editors’ eye. The editors are the ones to decide whether or not your article meet the threshold of being a standard article worth of the company’s display.

Wikipedia will not allow low quality work up its website and this has been one its greatest strength. To be able to gain the global status and trust that the company has achieved over the years, quality of uploaded work has had to be top notch. Materials uploaded on the website have also to be relevant to the reading community. The company only accepts information that will cause traffic on its website. The uploaded information must be interesting to the readers and it must be well written without grammatical errors.

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