Why Should Entrepreneurs Go to School at Peter Briger’s Alma Mater Princeton?

Financial experts learn the basics and advanced skills from one another. Billionaire Peter Briger learned from his supervisors at Goldman Sachs. Now, he has given entrepreneurs a good reason to go to school at his alma mater, Princeton.

 Historic Ivy League Princeton

The Ivy League schools have had an important role in the development of the United States. These were some of the first European-American schools founded on the new continent. These schools united the intelligentsia of the New World.In fact, Princeton is older than the United States of America. This educational institution was founded back in 1746 – thirty years before anyone even imagined something called the “American Revolution.” Here, the intelligent worked together to create a better world. Birds of a feather flock together. Peter Briger graduated from the august Princeton University in 1986. He worked with a co-alum of the same year, Gordon Ritter and a third party to create the Princeton Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF). What does this fund do? This fund provides up to $100,000 to any Princeton alum who wants to start a business. Financial experts, like Peter Briger can mentor these men and women teaching them the best ways to get funding. Mr. Briger should know a thing or two about finance and he can help these business leaders of tomorrow.

Princeton Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

The graduates of any university provide the foundation for future success or failure. By investing in dorms and funding programs, they can ensure that the next generation has even better opportunities than they did. This also allows for Peter Briger’s Fortress Investment Group to consider hot new startups.Near the campus, a Princeton Entrepreneurship Hub was established. This is a building where entrepreneurs can rent incubator space for Princeton teams. Already, AEF has successfully funded 25 alumni startups. Professor Mung Mung Chiang, chair of the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council said, “It’s about opening the mind and training the character.”The startups get valuable funding and the Fortress get to enter on the ground floor for investing purposes. They can continue to fund the best ideas and potentially take them public, if everything works out right. Peter Briger is preparing the road for future financial success.Any entrepreneur who wants to run a startup might want to choose Princeton for their education. They can get a great education and the capital required to run a successful business.

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