Why Chris Burch is Such a Giving Person

There are many different types of mindsets when it comes to giving. On one extreme of the spectrum is the mindset of giving anything and everything. Then on the other extreme is someone who is not only hoarding everything but is also giving everything. Neither extreme is totally healthy. However, it seems that it is better to er on the side of giving than the side of hoarding and taking. This is where Chris Burch comes in. He is someone who is very generous with what he has. There are a lot of reasons that Chris likes to give to others.

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One reason that Chris Burch is so giving is that he is actually thankful for what he has. As a matter of fact, he has what is known as the abundance mindset. This actually helps him make the right choices when it comes to investing and working on his business. On the other hand, the person who is always taking and hoarding is having a hard time with gratitude. He is also possibly struggling with the scarcity mindset. He may often feel like he does not have enough and that he might lose what he has. There are also other things that can cause people to at least look like they are hoarding.  For an additional reading, check wingsjournal.com.

One of the biggest advantages of giving that Chris Burch has experienced is that he is able to keep his space free. Watch him on YouTube.  He knows that he is constantly receiving items. Therefore, he has to know where some of his items can go. Knowing that he has a ton of items, he can look for people who may be lacking something. He can help provide those people with what they are lacking so that their lives can be made easier. Chris’s joy in giving takes him to higher levels of success.

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