Whitney Wolfe Knows How to Stand Her Ground

     Bumble is a dating app unlike any other. Whitney Wolfe made the app because she wanted people to realize they had a chance at meaningful connections. She also knew the app would be better than anything other people had because of how it allowed women to focus on helping each other instead of having to fight off men who were bothering them. It is the first time in history a dating app has put that much power in the hands of women and Whitney Wolfe sees how it helps. She has even used the app to support movements for women’s rights and that’s what has made her so much different from other app developers.

Before she started Bumble, Whitney Wolfe worked for Tinder. There she saw all the things she didn’t want to do with her app. She wanted to make it different and used her experience at Tinder to help her come up with new ideas she could use to help her make things better. She didn’t want it to be anything like Tinder and tried to purposely make it better than Tinder. She succeeded, but Tinder saw the success and saw how well she was doing with Bumble.

Since male-dominated businesses don’t ever want women to succeed, Tinder saw their chance to jump in. Their parent company, Match, started bullying Whitney Wolfe. The company wanted Bumble and wanted to purchase it. Because they wanted it, they would stop at nothing to get it. They even started a lawsuit against Whitney Wolfe for copying the things they did on Tinder. The lawsuit, of course, won’t work. Whitney Wolfe was trying to make Bumble the exact opposite of Tinder. She didn’t want to copy anything they did and wanted women to enjoy the app in a way that allowed them to grow while looking for people they could date.

As long as Whitney Wolfe is running Bumble, she doesn’t worry about lawsuits and Match trying to take over. While Match will do whatever they can to make Whitney Wolfe, she doesn’t let it bother her. She has a strong business that’s growing, she has a case to stand up to Match in court and she knows there will be a time when she has to fight them. She plans on keeping Bumble around for a long time. Even if it doesn’t grow to the same level as Tinder, Whitney Wolfe feels successful with the app.

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