Where is FreedomPop Going Next?

FreedomPop has a “freemium” service. This kind of service has a base fee of nothing for a certain amount of data. This data is not only limited to texting; it includes voice mails, phone calls, texts, and smart phone data. The company has seen a large surge of popularity since it has started up.

FierceWireless recently covered a new expansion that FreedomPop is talking about. This new expansion would take the currently US and UK only company into Europe. It would expand the company into 25 European countries, to be exact.

Though free services are always available, the data is limited to 200 MB a month. For an extra $10, users can purchase an extra 500 MB a month. There is no limit to how many extra MBs can be bought by a customer. A SIM card can be purchased for $10 as well, and access to a global hotspot costs $50.

Despite the option to not pay anything for extra services, almost half of FreedomPop’s customers pay for something extra every month. The conversation from free to paying to something is good, too; 48% of people who use FreedomPop in the USA pay now, and 40% of those in the UK.

In a world of so much competition, having an edge on the competition is likely to do a company good. With FreedomPop and Sprint teaming up, it’s no surprise that FreedomPop has seen such growth and fervor.

Information curtsy of FierceWireless

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