Veteran Lacrosse Player Gets it Right

Jon Urbana is an individual with a history in the lacrosse world who has various different talents that have helped numerous people in the community. He is most known for his skills in collegiate and professional sports. This is something that has helped him to make a great impact in the world of athletics. His contribution to those starting to learn lacrosse has been great with his lacrosse summer camp that he has helped to start. There have been many rookie lacrosse players that have become much greater lacrosse players due to the summer camp that they have gone through.

Jon Urbana is a very creatively talented individual as well. He has spent a great deal of time mastering the work of videos and photography. The beauty of his landscape videos at Vimeo continues to get better with the more experience that Jon earns.

Jon has also spent a lot of his time learning how to raise money for charity. The money that he has raised for charity has helped many individuals all over the world. Jon has had a great amount of success in business as well. There are many different business ventures that Jon Urbana has been a part of, yet his most successful must be the lacrosse camp that he started. This camp helps to not only teach the fundamentals of lacrosse, but also interacting with Urbana at Twitter to dissect the fundamentals of life success. Jon has begun to work on a budding flying career as well, learning how to fly in different aircraft. Jon’s talents are ranging in very many different categories.