Upwork Recommends Tips For Streamlining To-Do List Tasks

Upwork, whose freelancing website is the largest in the world, recently listed tips to streamline to-do list tasks. The following recommendations were posted on their blog:

-Write all tasks down whether on paper or using an app. Then, you can focus on the tasks in front of you and forget about the remaining tasks.

-Since your highest energy level is in the early hours of the day, devote this time to tackling the most important work. Therefore, you should make up your to-do list the evening before so you are ready to go first thing in the morning.

-Keep your list in one place, list or app not on several notes, apps or emails.

-Make specific time attributes part of your plan. These include the start date, what part of the day the task is to be worked on, and how long it will take.

-Determine your priorities so that the most urgent matters are attended to first.

-Re-evaluate your list every week and delete tasks that aren’t important any longer.

-Delegate work to other team members by using a platform such as Upwork’s Clickup or if necessary employ a freelancer through companies such as Upwork(in areas including website development, customer service or writing)

-Break up larger tasks into smaller tasks and evaluate them in regards to larger goals. This will assist you in clarifying smaller steps that need to be taken and help make tasks more manageable. In addition, this will help you see each task in light of the larger overall project.

-Group similar tasks together and do them at a specific time allotted to these tasks.

-Assign each task an “energy level” needed of low, medium or high. For most people, the high-level energy tasks should be completed in the morning when productivity is the highest. Then, devote time to medium and low energy work.

Streamlining tasks is an important part of increasing your productivity. In addition, having access to assistance from freelancers can also increase productivity. Upwork can assist businesses in hiring freelancers affordably and quickly in many areas. Whether you are a business looking for a freelancer or a freelancer, Upwork can benefit both parties.


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