The Ultimate AvaTrade Review That Will Keep You in the Light

With the increasing number of spammers and scammers in the internet, investors have become extremely conscious when dealing with online brokers. In the past years, we have heard companies who promised investors heaven and very lucrative profits and crawled them into their Initial Coin Offering, only to delete their websites and social media accounts and disappearing in the thin air with millions of dollars. Yes, there are bad guys out there but that doesn’t mean that there are credible online brokers like AvaTrade.

AvaTrade has been and still is a reliable solution to many traders who had their sensible questions on online brokerage answered. For over a decade, it has not ceased being one of the best brokerage firms in Forex and CFDs trading since 2006 when it began as AvaFX with its base in Dublin, Ireland.

AvaTrade basically specializes in trading services for various precious commodities, Bitcoin, equities, bonds, stocks and even Exchange Traded Funds. The credibility of this firm is based on its enhanced security and even attractive bonuses and this has made it have more than 200,000 accounts.

It’s very crucial to let you know that AvaTrade is regulated by Central Bank of Ireland and overseen by CNMV of Spain. Being an Irish broker it belongs to European Union hence boosting the confidence of traders as a reliable broker. An outstanding feature of this firm is that you don’t pay anything when trading your CFDs or Forex, hence no commission is paid, they just impose some little difference between the selling and the buying price of the CDFs.

In AvaTrade the spreads are dependent on the prevailing market conditions and the type of trading platform used like MetaTrader 4 which its platform has 0.3 pips spreads. In addition, the brokers have AvaOptions which is an extra trading platform provided by them.

Avatrade offers you a chance to interact with them physically in their various locations for any clarity and also it provides a platform for opening a demo account for free which can help you gain some experience. Later you can create your account by visiting their website, filling some personal information, your currency, trading platform and finally deposit a minimum100 dollars and start trading securely.

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