The rise of real estate guru Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is the current president of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES. This is a leading real estate company in the US. He is also the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investment. His primary goal is to become a better person by helping those in need better their lives. He believes that his sole purpose in the business is to help people who he come across in execution of his business operations. Todd Lubar currently lives in Bethesda, Maryland.

Todd Lubar first entered the business sector as a loan originator working for the then Crestar Mortgage Corporation. While working for Crestar he learned about conventional mortgage banking. He was also able to utilize his stay at the corporation well by creating business links with customers, insurance agents, CPA’s, financial planners and prominent real estate agents who he would later work with to establish his own mortgage banking business. Like any business minded person, Todd as an employee took his time and learned how such a business operates and by the time he left, he not only came out with knowledge and skills but also with customers who he had already served under his desk.

According to Patch, when Todd Lubar left the Crestar he was ready to start his own businesses and investments. His first duty was to purchase equity at the Legacy Financial Group. This meant that he had increased his lending capabilities to clients as part of his initiative to implement a mortgage banking plan. It also gave him more clout to broker more loans on behalf of his clients, both for external investors and straight mortgage bank.

Todd Lubar did not stop there, he started his own Legendary Properties, LLC, which was a domestic housing development corporation. The corporation used to engage in activities of buying old building rehabilitating them, then selling them for super normal profits. The building could range from single rooms to multi roomed mansions. This job experience even proved crucial to him since it helped him expand his business reach as well as meeting new professionals in the industry that would help him steer his corporation in the right direction. Todd was also able to establish financial links with banks that would facilitate its operations.

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