The Life and Achievements of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a renowned entrepreneur who has given focus on technology and business. He is among innovative professionals, who have stepped up in the creation of unique systems that have helped to improve on how people run businesses. He has also been identified among individuals who have contributed in creating a just social community by offering donations and creating platforms that support the interaction of people from different walks of life. He has co-founded several organizations and companies that he pioneered have secured an authoritative position in the market.

Eric was born in Teaneck, New Jersey, where he also grew. His motivation to innovate began at an early age and while in fourth grade, he had began programming, standing out among his peers. He managed to create several programs by the time he joined high school. His prowess was extended to the development of software that would make it easier to conduct business. As of high school, Eric Pulier runs a database computer company. This marks the beginning of his journey to innovate programs that later elevated him to popularity and to gain respect in the field of technology. In 1984, he joined the Harvard University for a degree program in English and American English. This offered him a chance to exercise his literary skills by writing for The Harvard Crimson.

When he relocated to Los Angeles in 1991, he founded an organization named People Doing Things (PDT), a platform that would be used to address life issues especially matters pertaining education and healthcare. All this was made possible through the use of technology and his main aim was to reach as many people as possible in a bid to make life easier and to help those who are needy to access invaluable information that can help to change their lives. He went on and launched Digital Agency, a company that was later merged with US Interactive LLC.

He also lead actions that helped him to launch Starbright World, a private social platform that would be used to connect chronically ill children. The platform allowed the children to share their thoughts through posts, private messages as well as conversations that were meant to avail solutions to different issues affecting them. This move was congratulated as it would help to create a social and just society that cares about the lives of individuals from all walks of life.

Due to his immense dedication and effort, Eric Pulier was selected by the Presidential Inaugural Committee in 1997 to develop and implement a Technological Exhibition that was held in Washington, D.C. He also participated in the healthcare and technology forum, where he offered invaluable information about health and technology to help make life better.

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