The Growing Enterprises Of Guilherme Paulus

     Guilherme Paulus is the co-founder of Brazil tour operation which he founded together with a politician. The CVC venture has grown to be the largest tour operator in American- Latin. The growth of the investment is due to various factors such as his experience in the different business since he started working when he was still young such as in the IBM as an intern.

The impact of Guilherme Paulus in the tourism sector led to his selection to participate at the Fortaleza in the second round of the Tourism Lecture Series. The opportunity came as a result of being reputable and a leader to emulate. He holds many positions which include being a member of the Federal Government’s Economic and Social Development Council (CDES).

He got the privilege to be the only participant who was a tourism entrepreneur in the advisory committee of the Presidential Council. Guilherme Paulus talked with the aim to inspire people hence spoke of the path he went to succeed and the innovations of entrepreneurship. They were to stir the growth of the economy as he impacted knowledge of value to propel growth.

Recently, Guilherme Paulus had an interview with a television program where he described his business ventures. Other than investing in the tourism sector, he is also an entrepreneur in the hospitality sector as he owns several hotels. His revelations came after he used his money to fund a group of learners going for a vacation and his company as well.

He stated that the purpose of working is to ensure he brings out a better society in Brazil by developing and generating job opportunities for people to work in as a means to improve their lives. The evidence comes through his multi-million investment in many hotels distributed in different states of Brazil. According to him, the enterprises pave the way to serve the community and better the society directly. The hotels created are of different classes to accommodate people from all levels.

The recent investment was of Saint Andrews Mountain which is viewed to trend and grow just like the Relais and Chateaux label. The label ensured the employment opportunities increased as it has thousands of workers. Moreover, the venture will improve since there are new developments in place to enhance and upgrade the experiment. Therefore, Guilherme Paulus is a great entrepreneur who peoples from different locations of the globe go to venture his investments to acquire inspirations. Through his enterprises, the economy and the country of Brazil has grown to recommendable rates.

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