The dedicated organizations that fight for the rights of the common people


There are different classes of people in the current world. There are the ones who do not know their rights, and there are others who know their rights, but they are not in a position to defend them. The rich can easily fight for their rights because they have the money.

The poor do not have a way of fighting for the rights because it would include a lot of expenses. Because of the challenges, some of the common citizens have their rights trampled upon. Millions of people in the world have been suffering because they cannot successfully fight for their rights. They have to lay low as other people dictate them.

For this reason, several organizations have come up to help the incapacitated individuals to fight for their rights.

The Lambda Legal

The current society has not fully accepted the existence of the LGBT groups. These people are seen as outcasts, and they are treated as if they do not belong to the society. Different presidents in the world have come out strongly to oppose the advancements towards the legalization of these acts.

The people living with HIV and AIDS have been discriminated, and their influence in the society has been reduced. In the end, these people suffer the consequences whose cause they do not understand. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook

The stigmatization from the public has made the people to shy away from sharing their feelings. The Lambda Legal is an organization that is dedicated to the provision of quality legal advice and guidance to the groups that suffer these conditions.

The Mazzoni Center

Since the public and the government have refused to consider the minority group in the United States, individuals of good will are coming up with ways of helping themselves.

In Philadelphia, a group of individuals has come up with a center where the LGBT groups can get free medical attention. The center is also an organization that fights for the freedom and the acceptance of this minority group. People living with HIV have equally been accepted in the organization.

The Anti-Defamation League

Started by the Jews living in the United States, the anti-defamation was formed in the early 20th century to help the Jews to live in different countries without fear. In the early years, there was fear of the Jews and their wisdom.

There was a general uproar before the First World War, and the Jews felt threatened. The uproar led to the death of several of them. The organization has helped several people in the society today especially the minority from majority attack.

The Frontera Fund

Since human rights are hardly understood, it is unlikely that people would give their resources to the course of fighting for it. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey donated a sum of $3.75 million to the groups that fight for human rights in Arizona.

Having understood the feeling of human rights violation, the duo gave their compensation so that other citizens can be free from the bondage of such violations. The Frontera fund was donated to several groups depending on the cases at hand.

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