The Best Refrigerators on a Budget

Not everyone will want, or even need, a fridge that can cost thousands of dollars. However, it can be difficult to find an affordable fridge that you feel confident won’t give up on you! You are in luck, though! We are here to give you many different fridge options that you can afford on a budget! They may not be the most fancy fridges on the market but they will get the job done well without causing you an arm and a leg. So here are the best refrigerators that can be found under $1,000!

• Kenmore 70623: This refrigerator brand has many drawers and shelves for all of your food needs! The temperature efficiency and consistency is wonderful and it even has a stainless steel finish!

• Frigidaire Gallery FGTR1845QF: This high-performing fridge is stainless steel and it won’t even break the bank! It delivers a consistent temperature and amazing energy efficiency.

Frigidaire Gallery FGHT2046QF: This is an easy to use top freezer fridge with no extra frills. It has great storage and low energy consumption!

• Frigidaire FFHT2131QP: You don’t sacrifice performance with this great fridge! This fridge will give you everything you need, without all of the glitz and glam.

• GE GAS18PSJSS: This fridge may look ordinary but don’t let it fool you! It has a super cool water pitcher installed on the top shelf that will continually refill itself with amazing tasting filtered water! And to top it all off, it is energy efficient!

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