Susan McGalla Creates Inspires Women that Want Business Leadership Skills

Susan McGalla is a powerful business woman that is trying to empower other business women. She has made a great name for herself when it comes to the type of work that she has done in marketing. It is not often that people that are in the marketing profession transition into roles of CEO.

Marketing is what Susan McGalla earned her degree in, but she would rise in leadership and actually become a CEO more than once. It is this type of attention to details that has allowed her to rise in the ranks as a businesswoman. Right now she is the director of creative strategy for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and she has made some alterations to the fan gear that people buy for this team.

More people are getting acquainted with the work that Susan McGalla has done because she has been so adamant about expressing how women can get into this primarily male-dominated work environment.

Susan McGalla has set a whole new vibe for all of those that are interested in building a better resume. It is only a matter of time before people begin to recognize the superior consulting and business marketing skills that are possessed by someone like Susan McGalla.

What Susan has ultimately done is show women that what they may have thought was impossible is possible. She is the type of business woman that believes in the value of obtaining a college degree. She knew that she would have to work harder than her male counterparts, but she also realized that she could not be denied when she proved herself. This is why she urges many other women in the business world to consider going to college if they are serious about pursuing these dreams.

Another thing that she has recommended is that women take the time to get the experience in the fields that they are trying to work in. It is so much easier to thrive in any field when you have put forth the time to actually learn your craft. When you learn this you have access to more job opportunities.

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