Susan McGalla Brings Joy To Aspiring Females Executives Like Myself

When I look at the corporate industry I see that there are still not as many female presidents as most women would like to see. The inequality and gender gap is still very real. There are some women that make me believe that there is still hope. These women are professionals like Susan McGalla. I love her, and I appreciate what she has stood for in the business world. There are many people that are looking at what she has done in the business world. I believe that her efforts to bring equality into the world of business is quite noteworthy.

There are people that are really going to appreciate what Susan McGalla has done as a president and leader for fashion giants like American eagle and Wet Seal. There are others that are going to praise her for what she did with her own consulting company. Others may look at what Susan McGalla is currently doing in her role as the Director of Strategic Planning. She has really been a light in the world of corporate executives where women are not large in numbers. I believe that she has been the one that inspired me to do more with my education. I didn’t always think that a degree – in any field – was so important – but Susan made me realize that it was important. I believe that her life and her work speak volumes about the importance of education.

I certainly think that there are a lot of people that would benefit from taking a look at her resume on PHX-Corporate. I like the way that she has always seemed to navigate her own path. McGalla has done a lot over the years to build up her experience. Susan McGalla has worked her way up in some roles. She has built consulting companies in other business roles. She has done a lot of different things, but at the very core she remains strong as a marketing genius. This is where she shines. It says a lot about what she is passionate about. It is a true mark of how she has evolved over time.

I think that all marketing majors should study McGalla. She has this wisdom that is essential for the marketing professionals that are just getting started. She has been on the ground level. She has taken time to rise in the industry. Susan McGalla knows about the different levels of development. That has given her the ability to study different phases of marketing. She knows what things are like in the store at the point-of-sale level. McGalla also knows what it is like to oversee budgets. She has a diverse level of knowledge that has proven to be very valuable. This is what has allowed her to remain successful when others have failed to meet their mark as presidents. I can see why people want to put her in a leadership position. She is strong, and she great confidence in her skills as a visionary leader.