Securus Technologies – BBB Accredited and Based on Passion for People

Securus Technologies has been a leading provider of technological solutions for the criminal and civil justice industries for many years. They were founded in Texas back in 1986 and have since grown to serve more than 3,400 public safety and law enforcement agencies across the country. They always operate with the highest of integrity and are now releasing reports listing wrongdoings of competitors in hopes of forcing them to operate in the same fashion. Securus holds a BBB accreditation and believes that people are more important than profit, so they operate their business with that in mind at all times. Securus could no longer stand by and watch as Global Tel Lock continued to cheat their customers out of money and knew something had to be done. Securus has released the initial report in what will be a series of reports focused on bringing truth to the public surrounding the unlawful practices of their competitor GTL, also publised on PR Newswire. GTL has been lying and stealing from their clients for many years and have even cost the taxpayers in Louisiana over $1,000,000. Securus hopes that these reports will prompt GTL to change their ways moving forward or remove themselves from the market so they don’t give it a bad reputation. Securus has worked hard for the reputation they have today, but they have worked even harder on the amazing products that they offer to ensure that they are above and beyond the best that they can be. From their emergency response solution known as Securus XCAD and their SECURUS Voice Biometrics investigative solutions all the way to the communication, information management, inmate self-service and managed access technologies they offer for correctional agencies their integrity and devotion to a safer world is clearly evident. Learn more about Securus Technologies for yourself on their website here.