Sanjay Shah – Millionaire Businessman

Million dollar professional Sanjay Shah and his successful company called Solo Capital, has been increasing its success in the past years in the London and Dubai areas. It has reached the million dollar mark in a short time, and has allowed Shah the option to retire from his companies, and continue to pursue other areas of interest. He has been fortunate enough to have gained a lot of success with his companies that he has carried through with his other businesses. He originally started his career as an accountant, although that isn’t exactly what he went to school for. He originated from Kenya to Central London with his family where he attended King’s College studying medicine. He attended pre-med school for a bit, and then decided it just wasn’t for him. He graduated with his accounting degree and began his career in the financial investment and banking world. He has exhibited years of experience and has been successful in owning many companies throughout his career.

He hired a few college graduates and some trading partners to help him get the business off the ground. He wanted to commit to the business building module for a year and see how it panned out. The company didn’t take long to reach its million dollar mark, and now it has allowed him to retire.

In 2014 he launched Autism Rockss, which is a charity event that is based around performing artists that put on concerts to help raise money. The money is used to help aid in awareness and research as well as development for the neurological condition. His youngest son was diagnosed with autism in 2011 when he was just two years old. They were able to reach him at an early stage, and get him the proper treatment and education that he needed to help him thrive. Shah understands that many people don’t have that option and wants to be able to reach out to them with Autism Rocks, and help them better understand the condition. He wants to be able to help those in need and help with research and development.
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  1. I was shocked when I read the part that says bis youngest son was diagnosed with autism in 2011 when he was just two years old. I did not know about that. Even my firm cv service online does not know about that too. It’s just shocking to me.

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