Sanjay Shah Brings New Faces To Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah may be best known for his role as the founder and leader of the Solo Capital brand, but he has gained a growing reputation as the founder of the Autism Rocks charity. The Sunday Times recently revealed Shah has decided the time has come to add some new faces to the board of trustee’s of the charity that has become one of the major donors to autism research conducted at Cambridge University. Shah has decided to bring brothers Pete and Will Best to the board of trustess for their skills in finance and the music industry.
The decision to found Autism Rocks according to a globalcitizen article came after Sanjay Shah was told of his own son’s diagnosis with the neurological condition after the family moved to Dubai; fortunately for Sanjay Shah he had already formed his own Solo Capital company on registerFCA and was in a position to devote some of his time to the raising of funds for the charity established in 2014. The charity was formed by Sanjay Shah to combine his lifelong love of music with fund raising for the charity.

Sanjay Shah formed Solo Capital in 2009 when he embarked upon a new stage in his life after working in the financial markets for the majority of his career. Shah had already left behind a career as a medical professional to embark on his financial expert before deciding to form Solo Capital, which he felt offered him the chance to enjoy life with his family in a more successful way than continuing his career as a broker.

Autism Rocks has become an increasing area of focus for Sanjay Shah after establishing Solo Capital and creating a team of professionals to handle investment and asset management for his clients. The increasing importance of Autism Rocks in the life of Sanjay Shah has seen him seek the assistance of Pete and Will Best as trustees. Pete Best has joined the charity after deciding to focus his efforts on philanthropy after a long and successful career working on the financial markets; Pete is joined by brother Will on the board of trustees following his successful career as a music broadcaster and promoter, which will add to the quality and amount of invitation only concerts the charity is able to provide.