San Francisco Compliance Officer Demonstrates Value of Her Profession in Corporate World

Helane Morrison has worked in many different capacities during her time in San Francisco. She has become one of the most notable figures for female corporate leaders on the west coast. She served as the Regional Office Director for the SEC at one time, but she has since moved on to Hall Capital. This has allowed her to grow in another capacity as she extends her business leadership skills to another area of business.

Hall Capital has roots in fund management, and there are a lot of investors that have reaped great returns with this company. This organization also has a female CEO – Kathryn Hall – with Morrison as part of the counsel and the executive committee. It marks another great milestone for the advancement of women in the corporate workplace.

Morrison has become well-known in the industry because she has the spirit of a leader. Helane has also worked as a lawyer. According to her Crunchbase, Morrison has a degree in journalism and she also has a law degree. This diverse background of education has allowed Morrison to move from one area to another. She has been able to transition well because she has knowledge of the corporate world of compliance. The most notable skill that she brings to the table is her skill in the matters of litigation. This is especially important in a place like Hall Capital where regulations have to be followed for investing. Helane Morrison is the counsel that keeps things on track. She makes sure that the rules are not being broken while the investors are investing their money. Below is one of Helane’s quotes about an unethical practice of a peer in the business world.

Helane has worked hard to build up a career for herself over the years. Morrison, at one point, has worked as a law clerk. This was prior to becoming a lawyer for a law firm. She moved from one area and continued upward as she learned more and made an effort to do more. She would move into position like Regional Director for the Securities and Exchange Commission before making an entrance at Hall Capital. 

As the Chief Compliance Officer Morrison has seen and learned a lot. She has been able to rely on her skills in previous jobs to get her to the point of being comfortable with her current role. She has been in this position for close to a decade, and she continues to provide advice as part of the executive counsel for Hall Capital.