Randal Nardone: From Law Firm to Asset Management

There are some people that are not aware of the major financial accomplishments made by Randal Nardone and his exceptional company Fortress Investment Group. In recent years Fortress Investment Group has been growing at an exceptional rate. This is because they have taken the trouble of staffing knowledgeable professionals and providing an exceptional level of customer service. Fortress Investment Group is well known as a strongly diverse investment manager that operates on a global scale. They retain a significant number of assets within their portfolio of management. These assets are now worth almost $40.9 billion. They’ve shown people all over the world how important it is to pair with a savvy investment firm for all their financial needs.

Randal Nardone is responsible for helping found the company in 1998. The company was deemed immediately successful and began to grow at an increased rate from the get-go. Soon, businesses and investors all over the world wanted to participate in their unique brand of asset management. The company has even been highlighted as one of the most exceptional businesses by being awarded the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year title from an established periodical, Institutional Investor. They continue the momentum of being named for these honors by also receiving the Management Firm of the Year Award through HMFWeek.

Before working with Fortress Investment Group Randal Nardone had worked a variety of jobs at different levels of management. He received a Bachelor of Arts in English and Biology from the University of Connecticut, but his Juris Doctor that he earned from Boston University’s School of Law is what he used to begin his next steps in life. He immediately went out and found a job working with a local law firm, of which he would eventually become a partner. The significant growth opportunity allowed him to move on to other managing positions throughout the financial world. Randal Nardone found that he had a certain gift for this type of asset management. Looking at the success of Fortress Investment Group, it is easy to see why Randal Nardone is revered as one of the more exceptional business persons of today.

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