Prestigious Stevie Award Is Awarded To Top Inmate Communications Provider

Securus Technologies is a highly regarded inmate communications provider that started out monitoring, surveillance, and telecommunications safety as a government mandate from the Public Utility Commission. They quickly became one of the leading network providers in the industry. They have employed over 12,000+ IT professionals in a high level of customer service. The Stevie Award is one of the most prestigious customer service awards in the industry and has been awarded to Securus by a panel of over 75 elite judges. There is no question that Securus has a high standard of customer service that is aimed at the satisfaction of inmates and their families. Their goal is to ensure that you talk more and spend less.


Surprisingly, Securus has partnered with leading inmate providers like Vimeo and JPay to bring you more calling features. For example, send your love one in a correctional facility photos for a small fee. They listen to their customers and inmates for features that are relevant to their communication. They also expanded their network internationally with a certification 1 certificate. Don’t be fooled by competitors with higher rates and an unstable network with dropped calls. Stay connected over a reliable network with Securus Technologies and save more on inmate calling features.


Securus Technologies Features That Help You Save More Money


Inmate Voicemail


You can leave a voicemail for your love ones over an personalized access account. You never have to miss an important message when you’re in a correctional facility. This helps them transition for life outside of the facility and find a job or secure housing.


Prepaid Account


Get a Securus prepaid account with a valid checking or debit card. You can get the inmate calling features that you need in advance and talk to your loved ones without adding additional funds.


Become a Securus Technologies customer and save more with technologically advanced features.

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