Organo Gold Opens New Branch in Turkey

Organo Gold, a gourmet coffee company, opened a new branch in Turkey earlier this year. This marks 39 countries for the global enterprise founded by Bernardo Chua. The Filipino entrepreneur, who started his business in Canada, called the Turkey branch a major operational achievement.

According to Chua, the expansion is in line with the company’s Global Footprint Initiative. The Turkey location unites operations in Asia, Europe and Africa. It helps the company serve its customers and distributors in one of the world’s most diverse regions.

Ganoderma: The Special Ingredient

Expanding to Turkey was a natural measure since the country hosted the first coffee house in the 15th century. Today, a growing interest in healthy lifestyles and nutraceuticals makes Organo Gold ideal for the people of Turkey.

A mushroom called Ganoderma makes Organo Gold unique from similar products. Known as the “King of Herbs” in ancient Chinese medicine, Ganoderma has many uses in alternative medicine. The edible mushroom — ground to a powder and used as an ingredient in Organo Gold — is known to improve health and well-being. According to a famous Ming Dynasty doctor, it may even extend life.

Organo Gold Turkey Operations

Paul Jarvis, a regional vice-president for Organo Gold, will manage the brand’s operations in Turkey. He received his appointment from Chua. The product line in Turkey will include several of the company’s gourmet coffees, espressos, hot chocolates and lattes.

Organo Gold products are available for purchase from independent distributors or through American and Canadian coffee clubs. To learn more about the brand’s gourmet coffees and their special ingredient, Ganoderma, visit Organo Gold originally published the information in this article on PR Newswire, a collection of free resources for journalists, marketers and other media professionals.

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