Nihiwatu, More than Just a Dream

Chris Burch is a businessman who knows how to make things happen. The simple tale of how he comes to be the entrepreneurial force of nature that the people of Indonesia, as well as others, know him to be is striking and beautiful yet at the same time humble and classic in its events. Although it may be a bit of an understatement, Chris Burch can closely be associated with the brand names C. Wonder and Tory Burch.  Check

This Association is of international quality and something of a cornerstone to his entrepreneurial spirit. It is also the herald to a new venture to him in the world of hospitality. In a certainly most impressive project located on the island of Sumba within the Indonesian region, Burch partners with James McBride on buying a hostel and investing in a big dream. It doesn’t take them long to get results. This happens in the year 2012. And just 3 years later, a five-star resort by the name of the Nihiwatu stands proudly in its place.

All it takes is a meer 30 billion US dollars to get the renovations of the ground. But, it’s worth the time and effort as the resort earns the title of best in the world shortly thereafter ( . However, it’s not all about wise investment and gainful returns with this businessman. He doesn’t mind telling Business Jet Traveler that the inspiration behind Nihiwatu is giving back to the community and leaving something for his family. This dream certainly turns out to be more than worth the while, with a design that boasts amenities such as spas under waterfalls and luxury in every room. It turns out to be a pleasant surprise and something more than expected for him.

Even though this resort can be described as a true paradise on earth, Chris Burch cannot just spend all his time in the lap of luxury of his own making. That is why he splits his time between the city of Miami, the Hamptons and Indonesia ( There is a very good reason why he should spend a portion of his time on the island. As a matter of fact it is the largest local employer. Moreover, a part of the hotels profits benefits a foundation by the same name of the island. All and all, Nihiwatu is certainly a blessing to the community Sumba island, and it is just another testament to the business of one Chris Burch.

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