Newark CEDC Helping the Newark Economy

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, which was once known as the The Brick City Development Corporation, is an agency designed to help the economic growth and development of Newark, New Jersey.

Newark is the most populated city in New Jersey with a population of around 280,000 people and is in Essex County. It is nick named The Brick City hence the former name of the Newark CEDC. The company’s main goal is to retain and attract business with a focus on minority owned businesses. The CEDC along with the Newark Department of Economic and Housing development work to help economic grown and create and maintain jobs. The CEDC works with small businesses and major corporations alike with all the steps to locate in Newark including real estate development and purchases as well as major decisions a company needs to make concerning location.

In May 2015 the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation hired Kevin Seawright as the Chief Financial Officer only five months after the company’s rebranding and change of location. Seawright came highly recommended with 13 years experience in financial management specifically in local government. He has worked with local governments up and down the East Coast. Seawright graduated from Notre Dame University Mendoza School of Business and has a masters degree in accounting from Almeda University. He has a proven track record of excellence and saving companies money.

With Seawright at the helm, Newark CEDC hopes to better help the people of Newark and Essex County by not only saving money, but by attracting new companies with great incentives and prime locations therefore creating jobs and wealth for the citizens of Newark.

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