More to Chris Burch the Billionaire and Fashion Mogul

The brain behind Burch Creative Capital is Chris Burch who is its founder and Chief Executive Officer (  Apart from that, he is also an experienced investor in diverse industries like the fashion industry where he is the Co-founder of Luxury Fashion Brand. Other sectors include home furnishings, technology, organic foods, real estate, and hospitality. Chris’s vision and primary goal revolve around customer understanding and satisfaction for over forty years since 1976. He got his degree from the Ithaca College.

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Chris Burch rehabilitated Nihi five-star resort which in 2016 and 2017 was voted by readers of the Travel and Leisure Magazine as the number one hotel in the world, check It was a surf destination at first, but its beauty attracted investors and entrepreneurs. The resort is located at Sumba Island, which was first known as Sandalwood Island. Sumba has been remote and inhabited for a long time due to various reasons, but they have contributed to it being rich in culture. The reasons why tourists always visit this island repeatedly is because its culture has remained intact and authentic. The place offers a lot of adventure and relaxation as it is all about nature. The island also has white colored sand on the Nihiwatu beach which stretches 2.5 kilometers long.

The transformation of this island started because of Claude Grave asking for help to expand the Nihiwatu Resort, which Chris Burch much helped him in 2012. Claude and his wife Petra were the ones who built the Nihiwatu resort. Chris together with James Mcbride invested 30 million dollars in upgrading the resort after purchasing it. James is a renowned hotelier, and his more than twenty-five-year experience and expertise in this field helped in making the resort. Chris Burch has played a significant role in creating the Nihi resort become a popular attraction for the tourists. The resort accommodates people seeking privacy and interaction with nature just as its self-concept says ‘edge of the wilderness.’ Chris Burch is a role model many should emulate.

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  1. Growing interests in building technologies that you would love is really great and that is where I respect James. As an enthusiast, is the definitive link that you have to use in ensuring the service works well. Since seeing the opportunity, he has yet to relent the zeal in sharing what he has with the people working with him.

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