Melissa Click and her Struggle to get back her Reputation

When a member of a high profile business or organization is associated with racism; this usually means the death of their career. This is true for Melissa Click the University of Missouri assistant faculty member who was suspended last November for her making negative comments and actions. Apparently, Click had assaulted a camera man and tried to use some muscle to get a crowd of protesters to disperse. Her actions went viral and she was immediately shunned by the public and the university. Click has been out of the spotlight for months and is now taking measures to get her life back in order.

One thing that Click has done to make amends and to correct her mistakes is to hire the services of a public relations firm named Status Labs. This organization is in the business of repairing and restoring a person’s personal character after it has been ruined.

This organization will use a variety of different measures to reduce the problems associated with a person’s reputation. Status Labs realizes that a person’s online reputation counts for a lot in the modern age. This is because many individuals, companies and businesses search online for a person’s work history and personal information. Status Labs will help clients to get around this problem by pushing down negative search results and doing away with links that promote negative information about a person.

Status Labs knows that some negative information is warranted and they do not want to make light of serious situations or pretend like they did not happen. However, they do not want their clients or anyone else to be permanently defined by this situations. They know that people make mistakes and that they should be give a second chance to make up for their past transgressions. This is one of the main reasons why Click has used Status Labs. She is woman who needs a second chance.