Meet the President of the OSI Industries: David McDonald

Success does not come for those who desire it; it comes to those who work to achieve what they want in life. David McDonald, the President of the OSI Industries, is an example of a go-getter. He has always had a passion for biology and agriculture. He turned his passion into a career, and he specialized in Animal Science. He joined the OSI Industries 30 years ago as a project manager.

Being in one industry for three decades is not easy. However, McDonald’s journey has been a walk in the park in the OSI Industries. Through the leadership of McDonald, the company has been able to secure its market in several nations. He says that the objective of OSI is to see the needs of the clients are fulfilled, and their expectations exceeded. He explained that being a private company, the OSI Industries have the liberty to try new things.

Being a global company calls for sensitivity when it comes to management. This is because different states have a different culture. McDonald says that they establish strong partnerships to see that their clients need are covered. Each OSI Group location has a representative. They supply the representatives with the resources they need to develop the areas.

David McDonald says that they are very keen on the performance of the employees. However, he says that to boost the innovation for their teams, they encourage them to take risks because it is through trying new ideas that their portfolio expands. The other source of their innovation is their customers. They accept criticism positively and work to make the changes as requested.

One area where the company has been able to accomplish great success is in China. David McDonald says that it has been as a result of researching and becoming one of the locals to know their needs. He says that the locals have been able to trust them because they have been in the area for more than two decades.

Despite the success that the company is experiencing, there are facing major issues with the transport department. The China roads are a mess. David McDonald says that they have made a step to solve the problem by contacting the department in charge of the roads and other organizations that may help. They are confident that with time the roads are going to be in the right condition.

David McDonald also mentioned that the OSI Industries is looking forward to serving the customers in the future with better technology.

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