Marc Sparks: More Business than Usual

Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur, businessman and venture capitalist from America. He dwells in Dallas, Texas and presently he is involved in different companies including Timber Creek Capital where is the head.

Marc has fruitfully owned and operated different kinds of businesses and one of the fields he finds more interest is the telecommunication sector. Before, he also worked with companies such as Blue Jay Wireless, Cardinal Telecom & Splash Media whereby he earned big experience.

On the other hand, Marc actively involves in different philanthropic efforts and a good example is in the Samaritan Inn; a homeless shelter. And for many years he has given back to the community, he found it much rewarding. With the desire to help people, he established homes with Habitat for Humanity and still extends his philanthropic activities to the American Can.

His book “They Can’t Eat You” has proven to many people that everyone can become successful in business. His objective is to motivate different people using his detailed story which began while he was a high school student. He later enrolled to business activities and became a successful entrepreneur.

The successful story of Marc is attributed to his accomplishments, great faith in God and having positive attitude during hard times. Before venturing into business, he had only received a high school diploma from the local institution of Austin in 1975. After high school, he ventured into business whereby he started different startup businesses.

Marc is a self-made man who has gone through successful endeavors in capital investments, real estate and telecommunications despite having gone through business challenges. His book also provides great tips on how to become successful in business and motivates people on the best way to enter into the world business.

Marc boundless energy and relentless enthusiasm helped him earn various awards in business while his philanthropy practices are being recognized within charitable circles.

For many years, he has committed money and time in different organizations such as building the Sparky’s Kids Foundation to help the underprivileged youth.

His mentoring programs to budding entrepreneurs offer valuable tools and skills for success. People can access his book in digital form online or buy them in other key retailers globally.

Marc’s character & working ethic is a role model to people around him since is the kind of person who never gives up with his positive attitude enabling him to succeed in different areas.

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