Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Contribution To The Bradesco Bank

     Bradesco is one of the largest banks in Brazil founded in 1943 by a well-known entrepreneur Amador Aguiar in the then small town of Marilia in Brazil. Since the opening of the bank, it has only operated under two presidents, and four Chief Executive Officers were proving that it had successful, able leaders who could run the bank with no difficulties in their history.Mr. Lazaro who was the former president of the bank retired at the beginning of October. Even though he was at his old age when he stepped down, many did not believe that it was his time to leave the company.People could not think that he was to step down since he was holding the position of the second president of the bank after taking over from the founder, president Amador Aguiar who retired due to health issues that could not allow him to continue serving the people of Brazil.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco who was the Chief Executive Officer took after the retired president Mr. Lazaro to fill the gap left by his predecessor. Another executive leader was to take over the seat of the CEO until Banco Bradesco found someone to replace Trabuco in March when an annual meeting was to be held in the conference. The seven members who were running for the position of the CEO were shared by media for people to vote for them. For the past ten years, Trabuco has served Bradesco very well with all the hard work put down and determination to improve its standards in the whole world. He has also served the Organization well throughout since he was hired in 1969.

While Trabuco was the head of Bradesco Seguros, he was responsible for expanding the market from 23% to 25% in the insurance sector so that Brazil maintains its record of being the fifth-most famous country. Luis Trabuco started his career as a bank teller at Marilia, after two years he was promoted to be driving east to the bank’s corporate headquarters, and this proved how much he had dedicated himself to do the job at Bradesco. Later on, Trubaco became the Marketing Director at the bank where he dealt with how the programs and organizations would reach out to many clients across the world. At this time the bank was at its target of reaching out to its clients and consumers as it helped maximize gains and serve customers needs to their best. He also assisted in the expansion of the Brazilian Banking industry as few companies across the world engaged in the practice.

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