Learning Lessons As Rocketship Education Evolves

The evolution of the Rocketship Education brand has been a fast one as the co-founder and CEO of the non-profit educational group, Preston Smith explained. Rocketship Education has been moving forward with its impressive search for a better public school educational system initially based in San Jose, California but now extending across the U.S. Offering K-5 programs, Rocketship Education has been looking to source the best way of teaching students and has established a number of programs to learn more about how students feel about their experiences with the group.

Rocketship Education believes placing families and students at the heart of the learning experience is essential and encourages learning throughout the life as the charter school network hopes to deliver a brighter future for low-income families across the nation. among the experimental programs attempted by Rocketship Education has been the “Flex Learning” option which allowed more creativity in the educational experience; Preston Smith explained some students and schools thrived under this system while others did not and showed the group a structured schedule is the best option for providing the best educational opportunities for all students.

One of the main aims of Rocketship Education is to create inclusive and diverse learning environments including students from different social backgrounds and those with disabilities. Creating the meaningful inclusion model sees students with disabilities spending around 80 percent of their time in the general education environment where all are welcomed to take part and learn at their own pace. One of the reasons Rocketship Education believe creating an inclusive environment is so important is to educate the general school community about the different students they come into contact with throughout the school day.

Across the San Jose school district, Rocketship Education has its greatest presence in recent studies have shown those needing extra English language learning opportunities and those from low-income families receive around one year of extra learning when compared to the traditional San Jose Public School system. Bringing high-performance charter schools to low-income communities has become the goal of Rocketship Education in San Jose and across the nation in the coming years.

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