Kyle Bass Cries: “BEARS!”

Kyle Bass hit the ground running sprints back in 2008 when he used his knowledge of the stock market to predict with astonishing accuracy America’s bubble explosion when the sub-prime lending market popped like the fat bubble it was, UsefulStooges wrote extensively about that. Bass knew IOUs and loans based on essentially nothing would eventually result in collapse. Sooner or later all the chickens come home to roost.

Bass comes from Argentina, and has ties to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the socialist president of that country. Bass is a hedge fund manager based out of Texas who also works with his organization The Coalition for Affordable Drugs to reduce the stock value of big-time pharmaceutical companies’ medicines, and then short-sell his stock when the reduction hits. It’s not illegal, and it’s not cheating; it’s just a clever loophole Bass is exploiting like a gangster, and getting away with it.

Bass has also predicted collapse in China, and points to Europe’s economic crisis as evidence. Bass says that investors should be more concerned because China’s GDP is ten trillion, but their banking system is at thirty-five trillion, and those numbers simply are not sustainable. A collapse is imminent, and as a result the United States economy will take a dive to the tune of between ten and twenty percent economic losses.

Bass has a successful track record, and has built his entire career around either the facilitation of deflationary stock decrease, or the prediction of bubble implosion.

Bass has also successfully predicted economic crises in Japan, and continues to wage war against various pharmaceutical companies by dethroning zombie patents.

A zombie patent is a legal injunction that “just won’t die”, even though it’s entirely useless. Examples of zombie patents Bass has fought against include speckled coloring on a pill that has nothing to do with its effect to the patient, and use of a third-party rubber stopper that likewise had nothing to do with either the medicine or the patient.

The question becomes whether or not Bass is a social advocate, or just exceptionally versatile when it comes to manipulating public opinion toward his own ends. Someone whose source of wealth is the loss of others’ should immediately rouse suspicion. Yet Bass has bet against systems that obtain their wealth in a way that many would call corrupt, so whether his actions are right or wrong becomes really difficult to determine.

What isn’t difficult to determine is his aptitude in economy, and that only seems to increase with each passing year. It makes sense to keep an eye on Kyle Bass if you want to make secure investment decisions. Bass is saying a bearish market will hit America by year’s end, so invest accordingly.