Keith And Keely Scholarship Program

As an entrepreneur, education can be extremely expensive, especially just starting the schooling process for the first time. Keith Mann is currently working on changing that along with other aspects. Keith and Keely Mann understands just how stressful taking risks can be when starting a new business without any support system or safety nets. When first learning to run a business as well as keep it going it requires quite a large amount of money upfront. This is where Keith and Keely Mann got their spark of inspiration, by helping entrepreneurs all over, each year by gifting one student a chance to earn the Keith and Keely scholarship. Keith and Keely have paired up with the prestigious Uncommon schools to distribute their scholarships.

This idea stems back from when Keith started on his own business from scratch, Dynamic Search Partners. At the time, Keith was taking serious leaps of faith, to which most call risks, behind those risks was an even stronger fear, money. That is something Keith can always recall how difficult it can be for the less fortunate. This scholarship program provides students with lower income a better chance for a higher education.

Keith man himself is considered by many to be an ambitious industry leader, with just under two decades of extensive experience in his field. The company in which Keith started and maintains, Dynamic Search Partners, was created to provide expertise on hedge funds and alternate investing. Being an entrepreneur and being in alternate investing are really two of the same, in the sense of investing some money into something, then at a later time making a profit on selling it. As an entrepreneur it comes with a lot of major benefits compared to most average jobs. With benefits also comes taking risks, that can make it incredibly difficult, but that’s how the old saying goes, if its truly worth it, it won’t always be easy.

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