JustFab Launches Plus Size Collection

Have you heard? JustFab has a plus size collection. The online retailer announced its new line especially for full-figured women a few weeks ago. Thirty-five pieces were introduced as the foundation to what executives are hoping will be a fantastic line. More is expected from the fashion company that responded in a big way to customers.

Many women who patronized JustFab in past times were forced to look elsewhere for clothes that matched their style and size. While the company beat out its competitors in the way of fashion, its limited availability concerning size ranges excluded many women who wanted to shop the brand but could not due to the brand having sizes that only catered to petit women. Although some shoppers remained with JustFab for the purpose of buying accessories and handbags, several hundred women left the brand for companies that catered to plus sizes.

In an effort to garner more attention, and regain customers, JustFab kicked off its plus size collection a few weeks ago. The JustFab Plus line includes casual wear that can be worn every day along with accessories that will make any outfit pop. In particular, lightweight dresses and high slit maxi skirts are perfect for spring and summer. There are also denim designs that are ideal for fall and winter months. Pieces from the JustFab Plus collection are also great for vacations. Every item is versatile enough to be worn with clothes already in your reserve.
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One of the best things about this online brand is its personalization. Shoppers begin their search by filling out a small quiz. Stylists use answers from the exam to suggest tailored looks to patrons. JustFab does not charge for its tailoring services and, therefore, does not require a credit card to complete the initial exam. Those desirous to join the company’s VIP list receive discounts on selected items and free shipping on orders over $39.

Established in 2010, JustFab is looking to extend its innovative ideas to the max. The company plans to add more items aggressively to its plus collection over the next few months.

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