iFunding William Skelley Joins An Exclusive Team Of Real Estate Developers

Stoler, the managing director of Madison Reality Capital and the main host and director of the Stoler Report, has invited William Skelly to an exclusive dinner. The exclusive dinner is meant for The Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders a platform that involved discussions with seasoned men and women. They include CIT, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Kushman and Kushner Companies. The platform is created for serious and exclusive business developers looking forward to bring change in the real estate development sector. Skelley has been invited considering the uniqueness of his crowdfunding concept a concept that not many people has not been largely used in the real estate sector.

In the platform, only the invited get to attend the annual dinner, and they get to add their inputs about the real estate business. The next generation of real estate leaders has now aired for 15 seasons, and it is a special consideration for William Skelley to participate in this exclusive dinner. Probably he is now one of the seasoned professionals considering his experience in real estate and financial investments. In addition to the show Skelly has been given an opportunity to participate in a season of The Stoler Report which will be aired come spring season 2016. Probably this will be a good platform for Skelley to unleash the ambiguity in crowd funding by explaining it to global investors.  The story was also picked up by CNBC, for being revolutionary.

Participating in the next generation of real estate leaders mean that one is an exclusive investor which Skelley is. Apparently when starting the concept of crowd funding in real estate Skelly started by underwriting $2 billion in real estate transactions. He has been very determined to develop the concept, and he managed to gain 5MM worth of profits for his investors in the year 2015. He is planning on attending The Stoler Report with one of the iFunding sponsors, and the panel will greatly focus on the evolution of commercial real estate.

Before founding iFunding, William was a principle advisor at Rose Park Advisors owned by a university lecturer. He has exceptional skills in investment banking and has also been a financial advisor to a couple of startup firms while at the Olympus. Skelley graduated from Hobart College in 1998 and has a master’s degree from the Harvard School of Business. He started his financial career as an intern at Bain Capital a firm owned by Mitt Romney. In addition, he has also worked for a family company named Skelley associates for a period of 4 years. His crowdfunding strategy has raised the accessibility to real estate investments for many investors.  Crowdfunder has more information on the revolution William Skelley is trying to start.