How Does Thor Halvorssen Manage the Human Rights Foundation

Thor Halvorssen manages the Human Rights Foundation out of New York as a powerful charity that will bring to its coffers enough money to change the world. Thor has quite a history that stretches back to his time working in the Venezuelan government, and this article will show how his experience changed his world. Human rights are basics for everyone, and Thor believes he may secure rights for those who are lacking.

#1: What Is The Human Rights Foundation?

The Human Rights Foundation is a nonprofit created by Thor on his move to New York City. He wished to build a charity that would fight for rights around the world, and he wanted to be in the biggest city with the most donors. He has found what is required to run a large charity, and he believes his mission will improve with every year he stays in the city.

#2: What Is Thor’s Background?

Thor worked in the Venezuelan government long ago, and his work took him to a place that saw him becoming more and more involved in what looked like corruption. He uncovered all the wrongdoing of everyone around him, and he chose to leave the government as he felt disillusioned with what he could do at such a limited post. He changed his life by coming to America, and he is now a media darling.

#3: Why Does The Media Love Thor?

Thor is willing to speak to the media often about any topic. He has addressed the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, human rights violations around the world and a number of other issues that are sensitive. He is quite close to the UN given his office is in New York, and he travels the world to meet leaders who need his input. He speaks to the media in their countries to ensure the message does not die.

Thor Halvorssen has taken his career from small government post to the world stage. He feels badly for those who are not given basic human rights, and he wishes to bring about a change that will make the world a safer place to be.

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