Historian and Writer Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is very passionate about antique arms. Over a span of forty years he has collected a number of guns and swords from past historical eras. As a result he has become very knowledgeable of them and is always eager to share his knowledge to others. Due to his desire to share his knowledge of antique arms, Michael has appeared on the History Channel to discuss his passion of weapons. On the History Channel he often discusses the significance of the arms and how they were a key to deciding the armed conflicts that took place during those times. While he is very passionate about guns from prior periods of history they are not the only weapon he has a strong interest in.

Zomber has been very fond of samurai swords which made him develop a desire to write stories about them. Over the course of his career, Michael has written a number of screenplays about samurai swords and the samurai era. With these screenplays he has been able to produce films through his own company Renascent Films LLC. His films are therefore another way for him to share his passion for antique arms that will provide enlightenment as well as entertainment to many people.

At any given time you will often see Michael study weapons and write stories. His background in English literature has played a key role in his storytelling activities. With his degrees in English Literature he has developed a sense of how good stories are written which gave him the ability to make them interesting and unique. As a result he is always looking to provide interesting stories about the samurai era that will appeal to many readers.

While Michael may be very passionate about antique weapons he believed that it would benefit him to become part of organizations that foster peace. With his regular involvement he helps organizations in the United States and the rest of the world find ways to establish and restore peace. These activities include diplomacy to de escalate a potential armed conflict as well as providing education and healthcare to those who are in war torn areas.  Be sure to check out Michael on Facebook, and learn about how his exoneration inspired him to become a better person.