Global CEO Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal has had a very long and successful career in the advertising and marketing industry. Over the years, she has held high ranking positions at advertising firms which allowed her to use her expertise to lead them. During her career, she has helped transform the culture as well as the profitability of these advertising firms. Today, she is the current chief executive officer of Global CP+B. At this position, she provides the overall direction, strategy and policies for the firm. Since 2015, she has successfully led the company to being one of the very best firms in the entire advertising industry. One of the things that has allowed Lori to make this firm one of the most successful is innovation. Lori Senecal regularly looks to adopt innovation in order to improve the operations of the firm as well as help clients adopt marketing strategies that are new and effective.


As a marketing executive, Lori has looked to focus on talent and an entrepreneurial mentality. She often looks to get the most out of all of the employees and have them work together to achieve a common goal. With teamwork, Lori has made CP+B a marketing firm that consistently helps clients get the most out of their marketing campaigns. As well as adopting teamwork, Lori has also looked to encourage employees to have an entrepreneurial spirit. This has allowed the firm to look for innovative ways to best serve the many clients with their advertising campaigns. The clients of CP+B have been able to experience great results under the leadership and assistance by Lori and her staff. Check out for more.



During her career, Lori has been able to distinguish herself from other marketing executives. She has won a couple of major awards that demonstrate her excellence in marketing management. These awards have provided her with significant industry wide recognition. A number of major sources have regarded her as one of the top marketing executives to watch in a given year as well as being named one of the best in the field. As a result, of receiving these awards, Lori Senecal has established herself as one of the most successful and well known executives in the marketing industry. Check out YouTube to see more videos.



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