Eric Puller’s cloud management platform; ServiceMesh

ServiceMesh is a revolutionary cloud management platform that delivers top notch security, access and automation to businesses that rank within Forbes top 2000 global businesses. There are so many elements that need to be considered, controlled and managed from the birth of a business to it’s strategic exit from the market. ServiceMesh prides itself on jumping out into the cloud computing frontier in such tricky times, to help businesses better navigate the digital waters and stand out to each of their own consumers. They make sure that every aspect of cloud computing can be managed and facilitated in an efficient and effective way, adding to any business’s bottom line. Everything from security to automation has been covered inside ServiceMesh’s executive software system, so that each and every client has their cloud computing needs met from day one.

ServiceMesh was founded by child philanthropist and serial entrepreneur Eric Puller, and his partner Frank Martinez. Eric Puller designed ServiceMesh after going through the struggle of managing his own cloud services through a string of enterprises he seeded and supported since his high school years. His youthhood passion of computer programming gave him an incredible strength when he entered the IT industry after a long Harvard education.

ServiceMesh is Eric Puller’s answer to many of the complicated problems that large businesses face everyday. Eric brought together all the aspects of cloud computing, marketing and business management that he experienced throughout his earlier ventures and made sure the largest complications most global businesses face, are easily handled through his system. Whether it’s private, public and hybrid, he prides himself on knowing that ServiceMesh’s platform will exceed expectations. ServiceMesh frees up the best hands and minds in the company, so that they can get back to work doing what they are best at; innovating and increasing the bottom line.

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