In a recent lawsuit, Enhanced Athlete has succeeded in preventing Nutrition Distribution from trying to force a seemingly frivolous settlement. The lawsuit filed last year, states that Nutrition Distribution products are being negatively affected by false advertising of them by their competitors. An unsubstantiated attempt that has formed a pattern by this company in many lawsuits as of late.


Nutrition Distribution has a shown a pattern of this behavior by going after other companies as well. This habitual method has yet to demonstrate in any of their lawsuits that there has been any damage to their products. It appears that their claims of false advertisement have been unable to correlate any proof of lost sales or growth due to the said claims. A judge decided to not allow the injunction against Enhanced Athlete continue due to lack of merit.


Enhanced Products is in essence a research company that provides premium products that enhance the human body to push itself to it’s maximum potential. A unique company as they are a non profit. I know what your thinking right? That is very particular indeed!


Enhanced Products creates, through their extensive research, products that are affordable for people to be able to access and sticks profits back into research to continually advance their products to be better and better.


Enhanced Coaching is a sister company of Enhanced Products. Enhanced Coaching provides a service that is more personal. Any individual can go on their website and through a series of steps customize a plan that will help you achieve the goals you desire. When you go through the 3 steps of; 1. Selecting a coaching program. 2. Personal Profile. 3. Start. You can then begin your metamorphosis into a new you. Once you have completed these step you will be contacted by a Coach to assist you.


Enhanced Gear is a sister company of Enhanced Products as well. If you are looking for work out clothes for both men and women you can find a nice variety here. Everything from hoodies, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts and jogging pants are available for purchase.


Enhanced Athlete and it’s sister companies have proven themselves to be tried and true in providing value added products and services to motivated people looking to kick start or continue their progression in becoming a higher caliber healthy individual. If you are ready to begin your journey or are ready to step up your game, you can not go wrong with Enhanced Athlete.

As bodybuilders we know that cheat meals are important especially since they raise our leptin levels during dieting and can help us "refeed" by utilizing the high calories and carbs to refill our glycogen stores. But do we include "fats" in them? Or should they strictly be just carbs? Aaron Reed shares his personal experience using cheat meals, what they usually consist of, and if he eats high amounts of fats in them. Ft @aaronw.reed PIONEERS OF EVOLUTION! ?????? #anabolictv #freedomfighter #enhancedfighter #enhancedwarrior #enhancedgear #enhancedathlete #sarms #fitfam #tonyhuge #drtonyhuge #simplyshredded #photooftheday #coachtrevor #hardwork #enhancedmuscles

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