Doe Deere: A Businesswoman with Pizzazz

I have recently fallen in love with Lime Crime makeup, mostly due to the bright and bold colors that the brand sells. Due to this new obsession of mine, I wanted to learn more about who is behind the brand. Who is the person who refers to us (her fans) as unicorns?

I learned that the owner and creator of the brand is business executive, Doe Deere. Deere’s brand has garnished a lot of attention and positive feedback lately, not just because of the colors available but also because of the staying power of her makeup. Her brand was recently featured in Nylon Magazine, which is a multi-topic magazine that focuses on pop culture, music, celebrities, and fashion.

While researching, I found that there is a large fan base on for Doe Deere and Lime Crime. Her fans even have a name, Team Candyfuture! Not only are fans really intrigued and interested about the make up, but they know that Doe’s appearance and personality are also bold and admirable. Her creativity stems beyond her make up.

Doe has mainly built her brand online, and it has traveled through social media and word of mouth. She is active on her look inspiration blog on Lime Crime’s website, which gives the users color and technique inspiration when shopping for Lime Crime products. She has become an internet phenomenon.

Deere even makes and posts videos online of how she creates and makes her eye shadows and lipsticks. She admits that making makeup is a tedious task, but it is worth it for the demand that is out there for her product. Deere’s is certainly not for the shy. It is aimed towards younger, girly people who love everything whimsical, pink and bright. It incorporates unicorns into the packaging, and Doe Deere has even cited Rainbow Bright as an influence. Deere definitely makes statement makeup, which has been a hot trend this year.

Deere has high hopes for the future of her brand. They are creating and coming out with an even larger line of lipsticks. Deere hopes to surprise her customers with new colors that are unusual, but still wearable. So do I think this means that Deere is headed on a more traditional path to muted colors that a wider range of people would be interested in? I don’t think so. This is statement makeup. People buy it to stand out, not to blend in.

Deere is clearly a successful entrepreneur who is only looking ahead. Her dedication to hard work is clear with her viral products and she social media knowledge has really helped her have a leg up on the competition.

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