Digital Transformation Offers Mike Baur Ideal Opportunity for Developing Startup Companies

Former banking executive Mike Baur is the co-Founder and Chairman of Swiss Start Up Factory; the most-prominent startup accelerator in Switzerland. Mike founded the company after 20 successful years in Swiss private banking and at one point was a board member for one of the largest private banks in the country. However, the desire of digital transformation led him towards choosing his own path, and Mike decided to walk away from the traditional banking industry to have the independence of creating innovative ideas, for producing startup companies.


As a former investment banking executive, Mike already had the skill and knowledge of knowing how to pivot investors towards profitable and rewarding opportunities. Therefore, it was a wise choice for him to choose the path of a manufacturing startup companies. He specifically chose the name “factory” because of his mission to constantly create and build companies within Switzerland.


Swiss Start Up Factory has an accelerator program that entrepreneurs apply to become involved. Once an entrepreneur is batched into the program, they have full access to the technical advancements within the company. In addition, entrepreneurs are provided adequate office space, access to mentors, coaching and training. Mike is fully engaged with each team during the investment phase of the startup company.


He is currently an active board member for several Swiss companies. When transforming the old economy, and the new economy, Mike’s role on the board allows the opportunity to fully engage at higher levels and assure he’s at the table for decisions being made for digital innovation and solutions. One of the primary reasons Mike chose to become involved in startup companies was his direct knowledge with the advancement of digital technologies.


As a graduate of the University of Bern with an Executive MBA, Mike has the skill set of providing the type of leadership and direction that investors need, when providing the type of capital equity required to create startup companies. He is also the Deputy Managing Director for Swiss Startup Invest; a leading investment company within the country that provides nontraditional investment and banking opportunities for entrepreneurs.


Mike Baur’s passion for helping entrepreneurs become successful is paramount in everything he does on a daily basis. His goal is to help as many young entrepreneurs as possible to create their next big idea and be on the winning side of the digital transformation and advanced technological phenomenon in Switzerland.


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