Dan Newlin: Advocate and Powerhouse

Attorney Dan Newlin is known as an advocate for victims and their families, as well as being a powerhouse lawyer. He has worked his way to the top by putting justice for victims above all else. However, he never forgets his humble beginnings, working for the Indiana Police and Fire Department. He served 10 years at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and moved his way up the ranks to Sheriff’s Detective, before moving on to law school. He then attended the Florida State College of Law and graduated in 2000. He is dual-licensed to practice law in both the state of Florida and Illinois.

Dan Newlin started as a lawyer in a small office with a staff of just one. With the passion and talent Dan possessed, there was only one way to go, and that was up. His practice has now grown into a boutique styled firm that serves both Florida and Illinois residents. The Illinois practice has been serving injured Chicago residents since late 2014. In these firms are 18 highly experienced lawyers who are committed to providing personalized service to each client they represent. The Newlin team consists of over 75 employees, including former state prosecutors, and a retired board certified surgeon.

Newlin’s law practice has been helping Central and South Florida personal injury victims for more than a decade. He has helped recover over $150 million for victims who have suffered an accident or an injury at the fault of someone else. Dan Newlin and his partners focus on medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, train accidents, nursing home abuse, construction site accidents, train accidents, and wrongful death cases. They have also recently started representing clients who have been wrongfully accused of a crime.

Their expertise recently helped award a 15 year old gunshot victim and her family with a record-setting $100 million verdict. Though it is unlikely this young woman or her family will ever see much money from this award, Dan prides himself in the fact that if the defendant ever gets out of jail, at least part of his earnings will go towards this victim and her family. Dan took this case on to prove a point to criminals who hurt others; you will be held responsible, not only in criminal court, but in civil court as well.

Additionally, Dan and his team were recently awarded the Super Lawyers recognition in Florida. This distinction is reserved for only the top 5 percent of lawyers. Dan believes that it is their hard work, trial expertise, and compassion for victims and their families that has allowed such success. If you are looking for representation from a compassionate and experienced personal injury attorney, look no further than Dan Newlin.