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The fashion and technology industries have experienced tremendous changes in the past few years. Despite these changes, one thing has stood out between these two industries. Fashion and technology industries go hand in hand, and one needs the other. For instance, there comes a time when technology is fashionable and also when fashion becomes technologically fashionable. Chris Burch believes that for us to understand the future of fashion and technology, we need to look into the past. Like past events have demonstrated, there is the tendency of technology becoming popular with what people think as fashionable.

The integration of the two industries is something that we get to experience in day to day activities. Fashion designers are quick to come up with a product that has potential; they can only realize the potential of a commodity through the use of technology. Many fashion designers refer technology to a playground where they can experiment things, and the result is a world of endless possibilities. There are also those fashions that have used technology to help improve humanity. An example of this scenario is when we wear bike protection. An air bag will not be deployed unless an accident happens. This means the cycler has better visibility than if he was wearing a helmet. On the other hand, fashionable hand gloves have been designed for firefighters that enable them to do their job and at the same time allows them to understand the hand gestures of each other. Another use of technology in fashion comes when designers use technology to recycle materials. The two can also be used to create energy. A good example is where clothes are used to capture kinetic energy as one move. Shoes can also be used to produce electric energy that can be used to charge a cell phone as you walk.   For his latest cool offering to the market, check on

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Christopher Burch has had a successful career. Chris Burch is currently the founder and CEO of a company called Burch Creative Capital. This great entrepreneur has a vision that targets new markets as well as believes in the application of technology and imagination and not forgetting incubation. Burch has been an investor and an entrepreneur for over 40 years. During this period, he has overseen the success of more than 50 companies.  Read more on

His company is currently overseeing the development of several products in different fields. His company deals with industries from retail to home furnishing and even technological companies. Some of the companies that he has helped over his life include Blink Health and Little Duck Organics among many others.  Know his diverse investments, head over to

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