Chris Burch Created Paradise At The Nihiwatu Resort

The names Chris Burch and Burch Creative Capital are familiar to most people. Chris Burch actively invests in numerous types of businesses including the Tory Burch luxury fashion brand. He has built his career on his devotion to branding and his sales and marketing skills. He has both expertise and experience in the industries of fashion, hospitality, financial services, consumer products and technology. Many believe the crowning jewel in his career is the Nihiwatu resort (

Burch invested $30 million in the property that would become the Nihiwatu resort. He decided to look into the property when he heard the surfers who created the original resort were interested in outside investors. His friend James McBride went to investigate the resort and his affinity was immediate. He was impressed with the privacy, pristine beaches and lush foliage. Burch and James McBride discussed the beauty of the resort and the fact it was literally in the middle of no mans land. He took another trip to the resort with his sons and this was when he decided to make the investment.

Burch and James McBride became partners and started purchasing land until they owned 700 acres. The construction started with 21 gorgeous villas and future plans for an additional dozen.  Burch had a five bedroom home built for his personal use. They planned to use Javanese black volcanic rock and Sumbanese teak to construct luxurious duplex tree houses. They would look out over the ocean and have private pools. They built a yoga pavilion set on a hilltop, a boathouse, a restaurant and numerous additional buildings. Bernard Prim was hired as the chef due to his specialties including green papaya salad with grilled mahimahi and chili lime dressing and Balinese braised pork ribs.

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The activities all reflect the natural wonders of Sumba. There is a Nihi Oka hike encompassing rice paddies and a lush rainforest. Breakfast is served in a tree house with a view of a breathtaking private beach. Another trip is on a stand up paddleboard and the guests see the villages on the island. Despite the activities and amazing resort the heart of Nihiwatu is best seen in the staff. There are 300 people working here and 98 percent are locals. They greet visitors with warmth and charm. The resort provides more work for the locals than any other business on the island. If heaven on earth exists it can be found at the Nihiwatu resort.

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