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Rona Borre Leaves Nothing to Be Desires When It Comes To Results

In 2001, Rona Borre launched her new staffing company in Chicago, Instant Alliance. She started the company from the back bedroom of her Chicago condo, and today it is one of the leading staffing and hiring firm in America. She concentrates on the placement of financial and technological professionals because those are the folks that growing companies need when they want to make it to the next level.  For more details, head over to

Borre focuses with a laser-like precision with her process of sourcing and placing new hires by learning exactly what the hiring company needs in the way of people. It’s now about the job title either, because it is more important to find out all that is possible about the company culture. If a new hire cannot make it with the other employees and fit in, it will be a lost cause somewhere down the line.  Learn from this article of Borre, click on

Once Borre and her associates determine what the culture of the company is, they go for broke in locating the person or persons who will fit the mold. Talent is one thing, but being able to get along over a long period is crucial to a successful match.

Borre is very active in Chicago business circles as she has leadership roles in such organizations as The Economic Club of Chicago, the Young Presidents’ Organization, and the Chicago Network. She is also in great demand as a speaker in the area.  More to read here.

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Doe Deere and Lime Crime Equal Prettiest and Wildest Makeup Palettes on Planet

If you’re into makeup, the kind that breaks all the rules and allows you to define your own sense of beauty, then you know about Lime Crime.

The brand happens to be wildly popular these days, because it’s fantastical, freeing and beautifully pigmented. Makeup lovers can thank Doe Deere for Lime Crime’s uniqueness. The young, Russian-born businesswoman launched the brand in 2008, because she wanted vivid cosmetics in her life and couldn’t find much of any, even in the great big metropolis of New York City. So, she began her own cruelty-free line and never gave up her dream, hoping that someone out there would connect with her beauty mission.

Doe Deere could not have possibly imagined what then took place. Young women around the globe became drawn to her brand, and young men, too. They fell in love with the radically colored cosmetics and began posting selfies to her social media pages to offer inspiring Lime Crime works of art. Doe Deere adores her many fans and enjoys interacting often with the makeup-obsessed.

Lime Crime features quality-made lipsticks, eye shadows and eye liners in gorgeous, bold and bizarrely colored palettes. Doe Deere loves unusual shades like Cement, Peacock and Squash lipsticks. These are colors that always turn heads, make fashion and beauty statements and go beyond the norm.

Her fans are not the only ones who have taken notice of Lime Crime and its enterprising founder. Galore mag revealed that Doe Deere is rubbing elbows with other successful female businesswomen. Doe Deere has made the list of Self-Made magazine’s Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs and appears on its cover, posing with giants like Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington. That moment practically left Doe Deere breathless, because she had arrived on the world stage in a major way.

Doe Deere is everywhere these days and maintains a large presence on Instagram. Her brand has grown like wildfire; at the moment, Lime Crime’s Instagram boasts more than 2.3 million followers. The Instagram page is vividly gorgeous in full bloom, displaying a colorful resume of her makeup palettes on many faces, features and in product images.

Doe Deere is aware that her competitors are trying to dupe her cosmetics brand, by including bold, bright lipsticks in their new line-ups. That’s okay, Doe Deere is too busy creating her next new palettes and doesn’t have time to notice. She’s concentrating on her Heavy Metals lipsticks and SuperFoils eye shadows.

Doe Deere Lime Crime

Check out Doe Deere’s newest makeup trends

Compliance Officers and CRO’s are Teaming UP to Stop Workplace Corruption

Compliance officers are important members of organizations, companies and agencies. These individuals have an important job of maintaining workplace ethical and legal standards. They ensure that the workplace is free from problems involving fraud and corruption.

Chief Risk Officers or CROs have a similar function to compliance officers. The primary difference between the two jobs has to do adhering to regulatory compliance. In short, a compliance officer ensures that their organization is conducting business according to laws set forth by the government. CROs are more focused on dealing with any type of situation that will cause a business to lose profits and productivity.

Many companies are now using the services of compliance officers and CROS to help make their organizations more secure. Since the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 was enacted by Congress; many financial, investment and lending organizations must now closely watch the daily operations and transactions that take place between their employees and clients.

Government, business leaders and the general public does not want a repeat of the 2008 recession. This is why the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was passed. It had to be created as a means of helping organizations to stay in compliance with the law and industry standards.

Compliance officers like Helane Morrison knows that the Dodd-Frank Act helps to make her job easier. Mrs. Morrison has been working as a compliance officer for well over 30 years. She knows the ins and outs of the business. Helane also understands how corruption can quickly spiral out of control within a company or a whole entire industry.
Morrison has many years under her belt working with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) as a compliance officer. She knows that keeping employees away from unethical and illegal practices is necessary for keeping a company in the black.

Morrison also understands that businesses have a social, moral and legal responsibility to the communities and consumers that they serve. She understands that CROs bring added value to the workplace and help to keep things moving smoothly. More information about this subject is featured in an article that appears in the Wall Street Journal.

San Francisco Compliance Officer Demonstrates Value of Her Profession in Corporate World

Helane Morrison has worked in many different capacities during her time in San Francisco. She has become one of the most notable figures for female corporate leaders on the west coast. She served as the Regional Office Director for the SEC at one time, but she has since moved on to Hall Capital. This has allowed her to grow in another capacity as she extends her business leadership skills to another area of business.

Hall Capital has roots in fund management, and there are a lot of investors that have reaped great returns with this company. This organization also has a female CEO – Kathryn Hall – with Morrison as part of the counsel and the executive committee. It marks another great milestone for the advancement of women in the corporate workplace.

Morrison has become well-known in the industry because she has the spirit of a leader. Helane has also worked as a lawyer. According to her Crunchbase, Morrison has a degree in journalism and she also has a law degree. This diverse background of education has allowed Morrison to move from one area to another. She has been able to transition well because she has knowledge of the corporate world of compliance. The most notable skill that she brings to the table is her skill in the matters of litigation. This is especially important in a place like Hall Capital where regulations have to be followed for investing. Helane Morrison is the counsel that keeps things on track. She makes sure that the rules are not being broken while the investors are investing their money. Below is one of Helane’s quotes about an unethical practice of a peer in the business world.

Helane has worked hard to build up a career for herself over the years. Morrison, at one point, has worked as a law clerk. This was prior to becoming a lawyer for a law firm. She moved from one area and continued upward as she learned more and made an effort to do more. She would move into position like Regional Director for the Securities and Exchange Commission before making an entrance at Hall Capital. 

As the Chief Compliance Officer Morrison has seen and learned a lot. She has been able to rely on her skills in previous jobs to get her to the point of being comfortable with her current role. She has been in this position for close to a decade, and she continues to provide advice as part of the executive counsel for Hall Capital.