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Getting to understand a belief of a spiritual world (Kabbalah) that started about 4000years is quite an easy thing to know, in 1922 Rav Yehuda Ashlag founded Kabbalah center and completed the first translation of the Zohar from the ancient language of Aramaic into modern day Hebrew.

Kabbalah is literary a set of spiritual principles communicates emotionally to humanity in a moment of divine revelation.its an excellent system of logic that contains a secret code that governs the earth and conventional technology that can affect the view your life. This robust set of a tool is referred to as Zohar; the basis of kabbalistic wisdom containing the core instructions manual for life.

Undocumented Secrets revealed concerning the teachings of Kabbalah that it has existed since the beginning of time although the first book was written 5000 years ago that is; The Book of Formation. The book tries to help us understand the root secrets of universe.

Up to 1969 the tradition was only preserved by married Jewish men over forty years and strictly prohibited to all others. But despite the drawbacks, the Kabbalah center has spread all across the continent and has provided instructions to over 4 million students.

At Kabbalah centers, we teach Kabbalah as a way of creating a better life and a better feeling in your life.Extending Kabbalah to more locations know in more than 41 cities, and with an extensive online availability, we are in to make the journey and your feeling right.The teaching provides the origin of creation, the spiritual laws of the earth like the voyage of the soul.

Kabbalah Center Charitable Cause (KCCC) is a charitable initiative of Kabbalah center that provides physical and spiritual support to the needy in the society.In the recent times, KCCC has aided in various disasters relief efforts like the Hurricane Katrina and the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Guest Post: Joseph Bismark on inner peace, spirituality in the business world

Vedism is a religion in India that is based on the belief of helping others by the sacrifice of ones self. The sacrifice one makes to the Gods, will be returned with blessings of good fortune and abundance. It is fundamental to the nature of all followers of Vedism to bestow a sacrificial lifestyle. I, Joseph Bismark, am living the belief of Vedism.

Personally the health message of eating organic whole foods is what I practice and want the world to experience, for quality of life. The leader in myself, motivated me to help people live healthier lifestyles. I care and value people, which became my top priority. For this reason, I implemented a business that focuses on organic and natural whole foods and co-founded QI Limited.

I take the initiative to be a leader in any thing I do, allowing me the honor of fulfilling any task to ensure a successful business. As a Spiritual Businessman, The QI group’s mission is to provide the Quality of Life through health, using holistic methods. QI Limited distributes whole food in grocery stores providing people life-preserving nutrition.

My partner and co-founder of QI group, Vijay Eswaran, created the RYTHM Foundation to work with children with special needs, community development and community well-being. The Foundation is a large part of what QI Group stands for in its mission, helping others.

I became a member of the board for the QI Group of Companies that I work with; a subsidiary called Qnet. The group consist of successful companies that apply my recommendations, making them profitable.

Inner peace and how spirituality affects the business world is my message to all businesses worldwide. A business can be successful by people sacrificing and thinking of others.

Companies can create an atmosphere of brotherhood and peace in the workplace; which has been proven to increase profitability. Make your companies mission to have all employees sacrifice self. To learn more about my philosophy as a business leader, visit this article on my WordPress Site.