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How to Build a Better Company

Status Labs, a reputation and crisis management firm, has suffered a crisis of their own. After an toxic executive operated poorly and dangerously for the company, they knew that their company morale and image was at an all time low.

Darius Fisher knew just how to help the spirit of the company.

First, he recognized that community outreach on behalf of his company was dismally low. They did very little in terms of giving back to the community. It had never seemed like a necessary step for a business of their size. However, when Fisher of Status Labs began pushing his employees to give back, he found something special happened. Not only did the relationship between the company and community grow, individuals began to grow as well. He found that eventually, employees began going to the food bank on their own, instead of him insisting on them going. Overall, through their dedication to the community, individual employees within Status Labs were able to find a better emotional state for themselves.

That however, was not enough to boost the spirits of the company back to the original hopeful levels that had been experienced when the company was first created. To do so, he knew he needed to restore a sense of fun and happiness in the work place itself.

One of the first measures he incorporated was to cater food into the office every Friday for lunch. These communal meals shared between employees served to strengthen the bonds they had for each other. Now, instead of independently getting lunch and not speaking to each other, they operated as a group.

Next, he opened up the company space to employees pets. This served to restore some of the youth and joy to the company that had seem to be drained out. Instead of rushing back home during lunch hours to walk pets, people were ale to see them all day.

Finally, Fisher told each employee every day that they were unique and vital to the success of the public relations company.

These measures served to increase the health and morale of the office community.

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