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A Special Election in Pennsylvania and End Citizens United

There’s a special election in the 18th Congressional District in Pennsylvania coming up in March because Republican Tim Murphy had to resign in the wake of a sex scandal. The race is notable because the Democratic candidate, Conor Lamb, is looking strong against his Republican rival Rick Saccone in a district that has for years been seen as a slam-dunk for the GOP. Although President Trump carried the district easily in the 2016 election, his popularity may be eroding. Lamb, however, insists that he’s running against Saccone, not the President. Despite what anyone says locally, if Lamb wins, or even comes close, it will be seen as a sign to the rest of the nation that no seat in congress is a sure thing for Republicans in the 2018 midterm elections.

Lamb recently gained an important national backer when the political action committee End Citizens United endorsed his campaign. Essentially, the goal of this group is to fight the influence of corporations and big donors in elections; it is named after a 2010 Supreme Court decision that deregulated donation limits by individual entities.

About End Citizens United

End Citizens United is helping Lamb through small donations from multiple donors. At its heart, it’s a grass-roots organization that is all about fighting big money and giving ordinary citizens more of a voice. Founded in 2015, it has proved itself to be an effective force in raising funds from individual donors and reported 7.5 million in contributions midway through 2017.

The Pennsylvania Special Election

The Pennsylvania 18th Congressional district is such a Republican stronghold that the Democrats didn’t even put up a candidate in the last two congressional elections. However, Lamb is seen as having a good chance to win. For starters, as a pro-life candidate, he isn’t seen locally as a typical Democrat. While his opponents say that Lamb will be a yes man for Nancy Pelosi if elected, local voters aren’t necessarily agreeing. Both Donald Trump and Michael Pence have come out in support of Saccone, but this could be more of a curse than a blessing by March and more

Lamb is drawing larger crowds at his rallies than a Democratic candidate in Southwestern Pennsylvania has attracted in years, and – still in his early thirties – he exudes youthful energy. It remains to be seen if End Citizens United and the small donors it empowers will be able to assist Lamb to victory, but he is definitely giving his opponent a run for his money.