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OSI Group expansions and achievements

The Illinois based company, OSI Group has been one of the leading companies in the food processing industry for many years now. Recently expanding even further throughout the world, and acquiring multiple companies, in various countries to continue solidifying their position in the food processing world.

In June of 2016, OSI Group made three very big purchases. The first was their purchase of the Tyson Food Plant in Chicago, IL. Tyson Foods had planned to close down the facility, and there would have been over 450 jobs lost in the process. When OSI Group made the acquisition, a large number of Tyson Foods employees, were offered employment with OSI Group.

Fast forward a couple of months to August 2016, and OSI Group would make yet another important purchase. That being the purchase of Baho Food. Baho Food, a manufacturer of deli meats, and snacks, throughout multiple countries in Europe. OSI Group executives have gone on to say that the purchase of Baho Food, will give them an even broader presence in Europe.

Moving forward into the holiday season, OSI Group ended their year by purchasing Flagship Europe, a leading supplier of frozen poultry, pies, mayonnaise, sauces, and dressings to the UK foodservice market. This continued to develop their ever growing presence in the European food processing market.

With these major moves, it should have came as no surprise when OSI Group won the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. To even compete for the Globe of Honour award the company had to first achieve the maximum five stars in the British Safety Council’s environmental management audit scheme in the period August 2015 – July 2016. A feat in itself, that only 17 other organizations were able to achieve throughout the world. Likewise, OSI Group was also recently named as one of America’s Top Food Companies. With over 65 facilities worldwide, and 200,000 employees, it was clear to see why. OSI Group will surely maintain their presence in the food world by servicing the retail and restaurant food industries in various ways, and one thing they’ve made very clear is that they will continue to evolve, grow, and expand on a worldwide level with the same exceptional service they’ve become known for throughout the industry.

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For a top-notch American food company like OSI Group, purchasing important companies based in Europe has helped their successful expansion and boosted their product lines

Originally called Otto & Sons, Inc., this family-owned meat company was based in Chicago, Illinois, in 1909. After a few decades, Otto & Sons really began to expand after it built a strong business relationship to supply meat for the world-renowned hamburger chain, McDonald’s. Since those simpler, early meat processing of Otto & Sons, that family meat company has evolved into the $6 billion-dollar company, OSI Group. According to Forbes, OSI Group is the 58th biggest private company in America. OSI Group has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois.

In terms of OSI Group’s strategies and business deals, in August 2016, OSI Group purchased Baho Foods, a Dutch company with factories and five subsidiaries. The purchase of Baho Foods by OSI Group was an astute strategy for building a greater presence in Europe. Brokering the purchase of some key food companies in Europe and other regions was key to boosting company sales and working with new brands.

Along with the Baho Foods acquisition, OSI absorbed five new subsidiaries into their business conglomerate. Some of these subsidiaries held important buildings and processing plants that were located in the Netherlands as well as in Germany. These five subsidiaries of Baho Foods that were included in OSI’s purchase included Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience, Henri van de Bilt, Bakx Foods, and Gelderland Frischwaren.

OSI Group has also garnered many awards and honors for its excellence and eminence in the food business and industry. A subsidiary food company of OSI’s that was located in the UK was honored with the Globe of Honour award in December 2016. This award is presented to companies — with facilities located in the United Kingdom — that steadily maintain excellence in areas of environmental safety. OSI has also been commended for being one of the Top 100 American Food Companies. And this recognition was given to OSI based on the company’s extraordinary business track record, quality of product and brand, and eminence and excellence over many years of business in food.

OSI Group provides job openings for people living in many parts of the world. OSI Group provides work opportunities in Europe (Hungary, Spain, Germany, Poland, UK), the Asia-Pacific region, and the Americas. OSI Group also believes in their employees to boost their company’s future successes.

Currently, OSI Group operates in 17 countries, and its subsidiaries maintain approximately 67 facilities internationally with approximately 20 thousand company employees.

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David McDonald is the Chief Operating Officer and president of OSI Group. Mr.McDonald has been the president of this company for more than 30 years. This private company provides food services and products to various major outlets in the world. He is also a member of the food company’s board of directors. In addition to this, he serves as the OSI International Foods-Australia Director.


David McDonald has been working at OSI Group for some time now. He launched his career in the company when he started working as the Project Manager. The leader of OSI Group holds various other titles. This includes Chairman of the meat institute of North America and Marfrig Global Foods Director. He started the latter position after this company acquired the OSI Group branch in Brazil and Europe. Under the leadership of David McDonald, the company has surpassed so many food companies to make it as one of the best food providers in the world. The company has been able to provide the best merchandise in the world. Through this success, the company has managed to work with marketers from all over the world to ensure the needs of their consumers are met expertly.

Some of the major acquisitions that David McDonald has spearheaded in the group include the following. The setting up of 10 poultry facilities in China, acquisition of the Dutch Baho Foods which processes other foods and deli meat, Tyson Food, Flagship Europe among many others. All these facilities have been capable of interacting with reputable restaurant chains and provide reliable services and products. However, OSI Group is still trying to spread its wings in the Chinese market. Mr. McDonald has always believed in the power and the vision of the food company and that’s why he has always managed to be successful in running it. Although OSI Group is a global company, it is a family-oriented entity that treats its staff and clients like family. The food company manages to blend well with the culture in the areas where it is situated just to ensure that it provides the desired services and products.


David McDonald is a graduate of Iowa State University and he holds an Animal Science degree from the institution. He joined OSI Group immediately after graduation and he has been working for the company ever since in various capacities. Mr. McDonald continues to be inspired to work harder in an evolving world by using creative and innovative skills to beat the competitors.

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3 Reason for OSI Group Growth and Global Expansions

The information about OSI group can be found online on several different food industry sites. Because of this food groups committed to providing the best services in this marketplace, they have had a huge amount of success over the last several decades. Since its start-up in 1909, this family meat business has had the opportunity to service their customers in their local community and across the globe worldwide. Today, OSI group is currently being celebrated as one of the top 100 food companies in America. With over 200,000 employees in employment, this company 65 facilities across the globe. , This international employer is also a privately owned business that is still growing. So, for those people who want to know how more about this food group and how it has gained such notoriety and success, here are some keys to being the best.

1. McDonalds — Meat Supplier for their Fast Food Services

Not all businesses have an opportunity to increase their share of the market by starting off early with a company like McDonald’s as a major customer. Nor do they have a chance to piggyback off of an International company with Golden arches that is recognized everywhere by children and adults too. Having said that, when people look back on the success of the OSI Group, they may quickly find that they had an opportunity to supply the best fresh meats in the industry to a key player in a fast food business. For instance, when McDonald’s started their business, they had a connection with this family meat supplier, and they were hired to accommodate their daily needs in fast food restaurants. Fortunately, as McDonald’s growth quickly picked up, OSI Group also had an opportunity capitalize on their growth as their businesses expanded.

Since that time, OSI did not slow down at any point in time. Instead, they decide to continue to pursue great opportunities across the globe and they continued to become the best in the industry.

Superior Standards — Vendor Selective

Though McDonald’s is a great contributor to the success of this business, there are other reasons why OSI is still a huge solid success. One of which involves the high and superior standards that they use in their food processing operations. Based on their food processing operations, they are only committed to using the best vendors to assist them with their services. As a result, they have extension connections in places across the globe in a wide range of geographical locations.

3. International Acquisitions

International acquisitions in the last several years have had a big impact on the success of this food service company. This is because the company has been growing by acquiring Baho Food in the Netherlands and German, Flagship Europe in the UK, and others. These acquisitions are currently making a huge difference in the growth of OSI group. Especially, because it is giving them a chance to branch out into other types of foods including various types of deli meats.

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OSI Group Provides Great Food Solutions Globally

OSI group has definitely succeeded where many have not, especially their ability to offer great services on a global perspective without affecting quality. This they have been able to achieve by ensuring that they engage staff who are privy to the cultures and traditions of the particular country that they are operating on. This ensures that OSI is able to respect and acknowledge people’s cultures as they provide tasteful products that satisfy every client. This has without a doubt ensured that OSI group remains adored, respected and cherished by clients wherever they have their operations.

The OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora and has spread its operations in over 50 facilities that are spread across 17 countries. This magnificent company is a global giant in its field, where it supplies value-added protein products which includes beef patties and also sausage links. It is also worth noting that OSI Group is also a supplier of sandwiches and pizza to various leading retail brands as well as food-service brands. This is definitely a great feat for this company that has always ensured that they remain innovative, providing a wide array of products that satisfy their clients tastes and preferences.

As much as OSI Group has increased their production capacity in order to offer more to their customers, they have also concentrated on product development. This is because their clients and consumers have a growing need for sophisticated food choices, which they seek to fulfill. This is especially with the demand for healthy food products that are still tasty, which presents OSI Group with a great opportunity to innovate exactly what their clients need. Whereas they happily take up the challenge and employ staff that are eager to come up with one of the best products to appeal to all their clients.

This great company understands that the customer is always king, which basically means that they have to be offered the best. It is for this conviction that OSI Group ensures that they engage with certain equipment manufacturers, where they aid in the development of advanced equipment that can assure food safety as well as its quality. There is a machine has a built in X-ray equipment that is able to effectively tell whenever there are foreign particles in the food. This also extends to liaising with farmers who provide agricultural food products, to ensure that their products are safe and of the best quality.

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OSI Industries Once Again Poised For Stunning Growth

It’s common knowledge that just to be named on Forbes’ list of largest privately owned companies in the United States, is OSI Group impressive achievement. However, when a company goes from a 136 number ranking with $3 billion in 2011 revenues to a 56 number ranking in Forbes’ list with $6.1 billion in revenues in 2016, something must be up.

One of America’s Top 100 Privately Owned Companies

Established over 100 years ago, the privately owned OSI Group, an American privately owned company of meat processors, serves more than 17 countries with 65 facilities worldwide and a total employee base of more than 20,000 people.

Operating out of its international headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, it’s now the foremost supplier of global value-added food products found in many leading food server and retail food distribution centers.

As of late, the OSI Group has also been a meat supplier to other western fast food chains throughout Asia, including Subway, Starbucks, Papa John’s Pizza and Pizza Hut.

Among OSI Industries’ product lines, there’re included meat patties, smoked bacon, frankfurters, pizza, fish items, pork, poultry, vegetable, dough or bread products in general.

Aggressive Acquisition Moves Adds To A Winning Strategy

Among the many attributes of a stellar performance as a privately owned company, the OSI Group has made fairly recent strides in dominating the lucrative and expanding food industry market.

Take for instance, the acquisitions of three primary food companies with OSI Industries being the major stockholder: Baho, Tyson and Flagship Europe to learn more: click here.

Baho Food Industries:

A Dutch manufacturer of convenience foods and other retail items, the Baho acquisition was a major move by the OSI Group. Although the final purchase price was not disclosed, Baho has five subsidiaries with German processing plants and in the Netherlands as well. As such, these five companies currently serve over 18 European countries.

Tyson Foods:

Consisting in an acquisition that primarily focused on the Tyson Food Plant, the purchase price in 2016, came in for approximately for $7.4 million.

Flagship Europe:

Having recently purchased Calder Foods, Flagship Europe made a most attractive investment for the OSI Group. As a leading supplier of products across the UK, the OSI Group is now poised to be the major supplier of sandwich items, sauces and condiments in general.