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Thor Halvorssen Exposes Corruption

The topic of human rights is a relevant topic that continuously needs to be addressed to not only inform the public of the relevant and severe issues, but to also promote rights among individuals who are citizens of societies that are closed off to the rest of the world. On individual in particular has dedicated much of his time and effort to helping individuals around the world have universal rights. This individual is so passionate about the matter that he has dedicated his entire career to helping and informing others through education seminars to on-ground training and riots. This individual is named Thor Halvorssen and has used the media as well as on the ground tactics in order to inspire individuals to promote freedom around the world. As an individual who is a 3rd generation human rights activist, Mr. Halvorssen felt as though it was his duty to follow in their footsteps and to help others with their endeavors.

According to The Weekly Standard, Thor Halvorssen has experienced much hardship with the lofty goals and the initiatives that he has set forth. Mr. Halvorssen has not only been beaten, but he has also been imprisoned as well as threatened for his many initiatives in exposing corrupt societies in the world. Thor Halvorssen is so dedicated to his job that he even founded the Human Rights Foundation that is currently located in New York City, a city that is known to have liberal views and a strong support for human rights for everyone no matter where they are in the world.

In addition to spreading human rights, Mr. Halvorssen and his dedicated team are also on the mission to expose corruption within countries around the world. In recent news, Mr. Halvorssen reported an account that Nicki Minaj traveled to Angola where he was paid by the dictatorship family a total of $1 million to perform for the family. As a leader in promoting human rights, Mr. Halvorssen also looks to expose those that have gained money through corruption. After thorough investigation, Mr. Halvorssen found many other celebrities from the United States accepting money from corrupt societies.